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Parish Staff

Barbara McGowan 400x400.jpg


Barbara McGowan

Overseeing communications, Barbara keeps the parish informed via the church website, eNewsletters and social media.


Dana Clearwater 400x400.jpg

Secretary / Receptionist

Dana Johnson

As church administrator, Dana oversees all day-to-day operations in the parish office and publishes the Bulletin.


Tele: 772-770-3494

Gary Attanasio 400x400.jpg


Gary Attanasio

In charge of the physical plant, Gary maintains the church, keeps all its systems functioning, and plans the setup for functions.



Melissa Medlock CPA

St. Augustine's bookkeeping services are provided by the firm of Melissa Medlock CPA. Please reach out via email with any questions.

Stained Glass Placeholder.jpg
Tom Hall 400x400.jpg

Music Director

Tom Hall

As music director, Tom provides the organ music and leads our adult choir in raising joyful praises to the glory of God.

Tele: 772-770-3494

Fr. Wes 400x400.jpg


The Rev. Wes Shields

Fr. Wes attends to all the spiritual and pastoral needs of the parish, while guiding the church's growth and support in the community.

Tele: 772-770-3494

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