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Morning Prayer

Join in on daily Morning Prayer services over the telephone. Simply dial (339) 209-4611 before 8 am, Monday through Friday to participate. The service is easy to follow and is about 20 minutes long.

The Daily Office

Click the link below to access the Daily Office and follow the daily Morning Prayer service.

Morning Prayer Daily Order of Service Lent Cover Image.jpg

Questions? Contact Br. Rick Lorino BSG

"How To" Set Up The Daily Office App

The Daily Office App requires that you set up St. Augustine's specific preferences for Morning Prayer to follow our order of service. The Good News ... You only have to set this up once and you are ready to go. Just click on the Daily Office link provided and follow these steps:

1. Click on the three small (yellow) horizontal OPTION bars on the upper right side of the screen.



2. Scroll down past "Help Support This App" to "Daily Office Options."

3. Scroll down to "Opening Sentences & Confession."

    Set these as shown by sliding the switch.


4.  Scroll down to "Psalter." Select "Lectionary (7-week)" option

5.  Scroll down to "Readings." Switch on option to "Include Third Reading."


6.  Scroll down to "Prayers" and set as follows:


Once these options are set, they should stay, and all the offices will be generated during the course of the day. If you wish to view an earlier or later service, simply use the calendar and select appropriate office from the dropdown menu.


If the cookie notice appears, please click "accept", as this is what maintains the options on your computer or device.  

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