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St. Augustine's has adopted a new church database called Planning Center that offers an easy-to-use app named Church Center to provide secure access to our church directory, calendar, and online giving from either your computer or cell phone. Church Center gives you a secure listing of church members, shows a complete calendar of church events, keeps you in touch with the church ministries you belong to and lets you make donations online … right from your computer or cell phone.


It is important to know that Church Center provides only secure access. No one is allowed access to Church Center unless invited by St. Augustine’s. When you initially log in, you will be asked to provide your telephone number or email address on file with St. Augustine’s before you are sent an access code, that must be entered to access any church information. In this way, our church directory or giving information is not visible to anyone outside of St. Augustine’s. Once installed, you can implement face recognition to get instant access.

Install Church Center on Your Phone or Computer

Smart Phone

1. Download the App on your phone

iPhones: Download from the App Store

Androids: Get it on Google Play

Make sure you are downloading the
correct app. The name of the app is
Church Center and it can be
identified by this logo.

Once installed on your phone, open and set up Church Center:

  1. Click on “Allow Notifications.”

  2. Click the “Get Started” button.

  3. To find our church, click the “Use my location” button.

  4. Click on: “Allow access to location only while using this app.” (Best security option)

  5. Click on: St. Augustine of Canterbury (See name and logo)

  6. Click on: “This is my church.”

  7. When you login to Church Center, you will always be asked for your telephone number so your access is secure. You may also opt here to use your email address instead.

  8. Type in access code via telephone or email (whichever you provided at login) and click “Next.”

A “Hello, First Name” message should appear, and invite you to log in (see below for next steps).

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To launch Church Center on your computer:

1. Type into your Browser: 

2. Enter your telephone number or email address for security.

3. Type in the access code you received via telephone or email (whichever you provided at login) and click “Next.”

A “Hello, First Name” message should appear, and invite you to log in (see below for next steps).

Church Center Require Face ID Screen_edi

Once Installed ...

Update Your Profile

A “Hello, First Name” message should appear, and invite you to log in. Click on "My Profile and Settings" to update your contact information. Click on "Directory Profile" to select which information you want published in the directory.  

Add Your Picture

Click on "My Profile & Settings," then "Contact & Profile Information." Then click on "Update Photo" to either select a picture from your library or take a new picture. Finish by clicking "Update."

Set Up Online Giving

Click on "Give" to make a one-time donation. Click on "My Giving" to see your Donation History, set up Recurring Donations or add/change your Payment Methods. You can also track your annual pledge and see a current statement ... all from the same menu.

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