El Hogar

After our trip to El Hogar in June of 2012 we came home and immediately started to plan our trip for June of 2014. However, due to the young people’s college schedules we have found that we are not able to make the trip this summer. We have postponed the trip until 2015 and will open it up to all members of the church. Last year we had the Cookie Walk and raised $798.00 and to date we have raised almost $2600.00 for the trip. This is good since the amount of money it takes for the project has just increased to $2500.00. If for some reason we don’t make the trip again, we will donate all the money to El Hogar and it will be used for the boys and girls in Honduras. All the team members want to thank the congregation for all the love and support you have shown this project.

The trip to El Hogar is life-changing and I can say with certainty that all who have gone there, have come back changed and very grateful for all the abundance we have in our lives. We are awed by what the people at El Hogar are able to do with little money, but much love and we are awed by the support that has been shown to the past work teams.

In addition to Work Team trips to El Hogar, the Church School children have been sponsoring a boy at El Hogar. On Sunday, April 7, 2013, another El Hogar Shopping Day was held in the parish hall. We raised $1,800.00 for Jorge Alberto’s annual sponsorship. Jorge is a boy at El Hogar who is sponsored by our Church School children. This paid for Jorge’s room, board and school expenses for the year. We also raised $108.00 to buy school supplies, toiletries, toys, shoes, etc. for all the boys and girls. The grand total sent to El Hogar in 2013 was $1908.00.

Thank you for your continued support and please continue to pray for the boys and girls of El Hogar and for the successful organization of a third team to represent St Augustine of Canterbury in Honduras.

St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church, Vero Beach, Florida
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