Sunday School Registration

If August is here, the beginning of another Sunday School year, cannot be that far away. As we prepare for a new Sunday School Program, we are excited about the opportunity to bring the Gospel to this new generation of Christians. Our curriculum is “Living the Good News”, Which is a lectionary-based series tied to the regular Sunday readings heard during the liturgy. This way, the young people get to hear the message from scripture on their own level, and to be better prepared to claim the Bible as their book, along with the rest of the congregation. Sunday school will begin on September 10th, and in preparation for this event, we are including with this issue of the “Canterbury Tales, ” a registration form below for Year 2017-18, to be filled out and either dropped off at the parish office, or placed in the offertory basin during Eucharist. We look forward to welcoming our children, grand¬children, and even great-grandchildren to our Sunday School and pray that their young lives will be brought closer to the Lord, as they “read, mark, learn and inwardly digest God’s word.

Download form here: Sunday School Registration